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Average rents in Sao Paulo

If you are planning to rent a flat in Sao Paulo, here is a handy guide to the type of flat to suit each budget. The flats for rent on always include taxes and condominium.

Monthly rent for a basic but habitable residential studio apartment in Sao Paulo starts at around R$1500 at the lowest, not including the condominium charge. Studios in more desirable districts start at around R$2000 per month.

Taking into consideration the costly deposits and the expense of completely furnishing an empty apartment, for the vast majority of newcomers, renting a furnished flat is the cheapest and most convenient option for renting in Sao Paulo. Here is an overview of the categories of flats available on our website.

R$1500 to R$2000

The cheapest flats available start from R$1500. These are basic studios or kitchenettes in less-central areas. There are very few flats in this price range available, and they are in such high demand that it is uncommon to find them available for rent.

R$2000 to R$3000

There is normally a broad selection of quality flats available in this category. They are often either located a little further outside the city or in the inner-city ‘centro’ areas, where some newcomers to the city can sometimes feel less comfortable on the street than in more desirable areas. One-bedroom apartments with a separate bedroom and living area start from $2400.

R$3000 to R$4000

These flats are in desirable and convenient districts and the apartments are of a higher standard.

R$4000 to R$5000

The flats in this category are of a high standard and are more spacious. Two-bedroomed apartments are available starting from as low as R$4000.

R$5000 to R$7000

Generally, the listed flats starting from R$5000 are of luxury standard.

R$7000 to R$20000

The elite apartments from R$7000 and R$20000 are either of a huge size or super-luxury.

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