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Districts in SP: Where should I stay?

Whilst Sao Paulo is a not anywhere near as dangerous than most think; due to the size of the place and as importantly, the transport links (the traffic can be very bad!), it is important that you choose the area to live in Sao Paulo carefully.  The Metro here is safe, quick and efficient, and covers the centre of town very well. So if you need it, when you rent a place, ensure you are situated close by a station.

We cover most of the regions for renting in Sao Paulo and can support you in your requirements wherever you need to be. However we note below some information about our favourite main areas. When you have found an area you like, search through our range of apartments.

By the way, as part of our ongoing service to you, when you move in we will provide you upon request with a welcome pack detailing some up to date activities and relevant websites for your area.

Alphaville apartments:

Alphaville is a closed gated American style community town. It’s very secure and has a lot of open space and clean air. The area is mainly for families – children are able to play outside without problems, or fear of traffic. It’s very expensive and far out of town – being around 23km outside São Paulo.

Aclimação and Paraiso apartments:

These areas are located close to the centre at the eastern side of Avenida Paulista.  It’s an older area, with a broad mixture of accommodation, including houses and apartments. It’s close to Liberdade; an area popular with the Japanese community which has a mixture of oriental shops and restaurants. It’s also very close the beautiful and green Ibapuera Park. Public Transport is very good with a number of Metro Stops. It’s a place popular with those renting in Sao Paulo.

Campo Belo, Moema and Brooklin apartments:

Campo Belo

Campo Belo is a relatively new rental area in Sao Paulo, growing in popularity with some beautiful developments. It is near the domestic airport, Congonhas; but it has a light and airy community feel with great bars and restaurants for all ages.  There is no metro yet, although plans are to build one during the next years.


Moema is next door to Campo Belo, with a similar feel – lots of bars, clubs and restaurants for the younger crowd. It borders Ibapuera Park and contains Av. Ibapuera with large shopping malls and lots of international shops. It’s also very well known for its furniture shops! Moema has a lot of flats available for rent.


Brooklin is also next door to Campo Belo. It’s quieter, mainly with housing and a few apartment blocks. Some good, family run restaurants and bars can be found here. Brooklin flats are often higher end and more expensive.

Higienópolis and Pacaembú apartments:


Higienópolis is a downtown residential and commercial area between Rua da Consolação and the Pacaembú Stadium. It offers many older homes and apartments with larger rooms and higher ceilings. There is a busy commercial area with high quality stores and is popular with dog walkers and those wanting to get out and stretch their legs!


Pacaembú is a high end residential area. The apartments here are expensive and elegant. The area is tree lined and very green. There is a street market here twice a week. It’s located close to the centre of town – Av Paulista being a 15 minutes’ walk away.  There are also many nightclubs, sports academies and clubs. One of the top universities in the city, Mackenzie, is here and therefore the area caters for a younger fun loving crowd.

Itiam and Vila Novo Conceicao apartments:

Itiam and Vila Novo are full of good quality apartments and the area is a great place to live and visit at the weekend, with many small boutique food and clothing shops. It is also close to the most prestigious mall in town, Iguatemi. It borders Ibapuera Park and is easily accessible to/from other areas of the city. A great place to live.

Vila Nova is currently considered one of the most desirable places to live in Sao Paulo. It is very expensive with new apartments and tree lined streets. However it’s quite a commute to the main working and schooling areas.

Jardins apartments:

The Jardins collectively includes the neighbourhoods of Jardim America, Jardim Europa, Jardim Paulista. This is the most sought after area in Sao Paulo due to its location, the quality and quantity of the bars shops and restaurants and the beautiful homes and rental apartments. It’s a quick walk up to Av Paulista. There are very good British and American schools in this area. Oscar Friere, one of the most expensive roads in the world is on the doorstep. Due to the demand for renting a flat in Jardins, expect prices to be high.

Morumbi apartments:

Morumbi, with its luxury homes and apartments is a quiet community for the wealthy of Sao Paulo. The air is clean, the place is green and the roads are relatively quiet. However, it’s quite far away – expect an hours commute either way to the centre.  However many of those looking to rent a flat for a short time in Sao Paulo like to rent in Morumbi due to the quality of life here.

Pinheiros & Villa Madelena apartments:

Pinheiros is a great area. Along with its bohemian neighbour, Villa Madelena, it has a totally different feel to the rest of Sao Paulo. Its green, open, has trendy shops and restaurannts and is always full of people enjoying what Sao Paulo has to offer. Those who dont live here travel here for the weekend or evening. If you like going out, this will be a place you will spend much time in! There are good transport links here, although its quite a walk to the nearest Metro.


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