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Where to rent a flat in Sao Paulo

Here is a quick reference list of the different areas of Sao Paulo where you can rent a flat. For more detailed listings, click on the title of the area.


A safe, modern, exclusive gated community outside Sao Paulo: a great standard of living.

Ideal for:     Families and those with a car working in the west of Sao Paulo
Less suitable for:     Those commuting daily to the city centre on public transport   

Bela Vista

Sao Paulo’s colourful, gay-friendly Italian quarter: a good location near Avenida Paulista.
Ideal for:     Anyone interested in a good price for a convenient location


One of the most fashionable addresses in SP: the centre of Brazil’s international business.

Ideal for:     Professionals working in Brooklin Novo and its surroundings
Less suitable for:     Those on a tight budget hoping to find a discount supermarket nearby

Campo Belo

A high-rise, high-flying area: a great base for getting around for those with a car or motorbike.
Ideal for:     Anyone flying from Congonhas airport regularly


Downtown Sao Paulo: a busy, bustling and sometimes chaotic metropolitan hub.

Ideal for:     Low prices and great public transport connections
Less suitable for:    Anyone new to living in a major city or nervous in downtown areas


A mostly residential high-rise area between Paulista and Centro famous for its nightlife.

Ideal for:     Those working in the area who also wish to enjoy the city’s cultural scene


A prestigious residential district alongside Consolação: a nice area in a convenient location.

Ideal for:     Those who want a suburban atmosphere in a central location  

Itaim Bibi

A chic area, a top location and great amenities: nightlife, restaurants and culture in one place.

Ideal for:     The first choice for many expats, and is very popular with professionals.


The most enviable address in Sao Paulo: a high-class suburban feeling close to the city.

Ideal for:     Professionals, families and those working near Avenida Paulista.


A busy and fast-paced neighbourhood with an industrial feeling and ample public transport.

Ideal for:    Good-value flats with plenty of shops and amenities nearby.
Less suitable for:    Those looking for a quiet and wealthy suburb.


An elite neighbourhood in the south of the city beside Congonhas airport and Ibirapuera park.

Ideal for:     Top-quality flats and hotels, excellent restaurant and shopping options.


A very popular area: a relatively well-located area with accessible prices.

Ideal for:    Anyone with a car or motorcycle who is looking for a good deal.


An upmarket and popular neighbourhood known for its educational institutions and parks.

Ideal for:    Great Metro connections, well located and a quiet neighbourhood feeling.


A high-prestige district: a cultural, nightlife and culinary hub with great public transport.

Ideal for:     Those wishing to socialise and enjoy the city’s cultural life.


A residential area outside Sao Paulo retaining some of its former industrial atmosphere.

Ideal for:    Anyone looking for a down-to-earth suburb at a good price.
Less suitable for:    Those looking for a central area or comprehensive public transport.

Vila Mariana

An elegant and traditional neighbourhood, a great location and excellent Metro connections.

Ideal for:    A top choice for a more central alternative to Jardins and Brooklin.

Vila Nova Conceicao

A super high-rise district adjacent to Ibirapuera Park with excellent road connections.

Ideal for:    Those looking for an upscale area with good access to Brooklin Novo.

Vila Olimpia

An attractive and fast-paced district in the west of the city: one of Sao Paulo’s corporate hubs.

Ideal for:     Those lucky enough to find a flat available, as they are hard to come by.


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