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Sao Paulo Flat was founded on 19th of May 2009 by Michael Slowik, an entrepeneur IT expert specialising in technical development for real estate. Having spent ten years living in different countries, he found Brazil to be the most difficult country for renting accommodation. Expats seeking flat accommodation were confronted with serious issues; overpriced units, low availability, complicated bureaucratic and legal hurdles, cash as the only accepted payment method and a lack of support from agencies after signing the rental contract. The industry was plagued by a lack of professional development and multilingual support was practically non-existent. SaoPauloFlat emerged as a response to the demand for a multilingual flat rental agency in Sao Paulo free of these issues and up to international standards.

Initially, the company worked in partnership with flat rental agencies in Sao Paulo in order to supplement our availability while we worked on building our independent flat portfolio. During this period, we gained an intimate knowledge of the business and analyzed the way in which flat rental agencies were operating at that time. We discovered some root problems undermining the industry. Corruption, a shortage of qualified agents, neglect of legal requirements, lack of technology, serious HR problems and a lack business strategy, all explained the poor quality service on the market at the time. We took this knowledge as a challenge to create the service we felt that should exist in Sao Paulo.   

We began to create the ideal, perfectly efficient system that did not exist in the city. Building the model from scratch gave us the freedom to be truly innovative in our aim to create the service that we had missed as customers ourselves.  

The model was so successful that it expanded outside the expat market, until the number of Brazilian tenants started to outnumber the original expat target market. Very quickly, we had higher demand than the apartments than we had to offer.

In 2011, the company’s growth began to boom and our customer numbers began to double annually. Limitations of capital began to ease and we were able to strive ahead to meet our self-imposed standards for the quality of the service we provided.

By 2014, our portfolio and our client base continues to expand increasingly. Our local Brazilian staff is supported by employees and partners residing in Poland, the UK, Hong Kong and Cyprus. Our Poland- and Cyprus-based IT experts are world-class designers who specialise in top-quality marketing materials. The UK and Hong Kong team provide the company with legal infrastructure and allow the use of up-to-the-minute payment solutions that are usually inaccessible to Brazilian businesses.

By now, we have achieved what we originally wished for: a huge portfolio, top-quality listings and a variety of efficient and convenient communication tools. This progress was recognised at the America Property Awards 2013-2014 where we were the only company in Latin America awarded Highly Commended Letting Agency. We continue to innovate in the technological aspects of our business and strive for top quality online content, particularly focussing on unique multilingual content and top-quality multimedia resources.


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