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For flat and apartment rental in Sao Paulo, according to legal regulations, the contract functions as a de facto invoice for rent. We can, however, provide both invoices and receipts for the entrance fee.

Rental contracts are used as invoices in Brazil and receipts can also be provided.

In special cases, it is possible for us to issue invoices for payments made to our company account in Hong Kong as relocation services. However, please be aware that as there is no VAT in Hong Kong, it is not possible to issue a VAT invoice. We know that VAT invoices are often requested by European accountants, but unfortunately, as VAT does not apply, it is not possible to issue a VAT invoice.

Landlords cannot normally generate invoices. This is because in Brazil, invoices are regulated administrative documents generated electronically by standardized forms. Ad hoc typed invoices, as they exist in some other countries, are not acceptable in Brazil. However, official receipts can be provided for payments received.

One reason why it is not possible to provide an invoice for rent is that landlords are not obliged to establish a rental company in order to rent out their property. Many landlords own only one property and are not real estate professionals, which is why many tenants prefer not to rent directly with an unqualified landlord and instead choose to go through a rental agency for a more professional service.

If a company were to issue an invoice, this would have to be charged as a relocation service, which incurs costly and unnecessary taxes.


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