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Our role in the relationship between you and the landlord

We have different relationships with different properties and landlords. In most cases, the properties are owned by individual landlords, and some are owned or leased by us. In a small number of cases, we provide a full management service to the landlord, meaning that we are paid a premium to manage the property and ensure the property is properly maintained. We will advise you if this is the case when you book. In this case, you are contracting with us directly and we are responsible for any repairs or emergency issues you have.

However, in most cases, we do not have this relationship. We simply act as an intermediary in order to provide you with a more professional and attentive service and to minimise the landlord’s workload.

Our role is to match you as a tenant with the landlord and to intermediate in your contracting process in order to make it as efficient and professional as possible.

In addition to this service, we also like to keep in touch with our customers as a courtesy and to help with whatever we can, as a gesture of goodwill and concern that your rental goes as smoothly as possible. However, when we are not the owners of a property, which is the majority of cases, there are limits to the intervention that is open to us, and we are not able to take responsibility for problems on the behalf of landlords where we are not the contracted property managers.  

One primary motivation for us to launch SaoPauloFlat was because business in Brazil is different to elsewhere. Standards of customer service, punctuality and reliability are not always the same as they may be in your home country. Delays, problems and complications are a part of life in Brazil. Although we run our website and office up to international standards, it is not always possible to demand these standards of everyone we deal with.  

We are here to make the process of finding, renting and living in an apartment in Brazil easier, but we are restricted in how much we can help in some cases by legal limitations.

If problems arise, we will help you as far as possible as a favor. However, problems with furniture or household appliances are generally not within our bounds of responsibility, and as such, we cannot always address the problem in the way that we would like to, as we do not own the apartment.

If you have any issues with your apartment, always contact us, and we will take immediate action, either by contacting the building manager or landlord on your behalf. Learn more about issues with furniture and household appliances.

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