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About Sao Paulo Flat

SaoPauloFlat was founded in 2009 as a response to the demand for an online multilingual flat rental agency in Sao Paulo up to international standards of technology and professionalism. We have been growing more every year and we now have the biggest online flat portfolio in Sao Paulo and a multilingual team located across three different continents. Read the full story of our history on Wiki Flat.

Sao Paulo Flat was established with three goals in mind, which remain our first priorities to this day.

1) Making things easy

We think searching for a new flat or apartment in a new city should be easy and fun. Our listings are always up to date and as detailed as possible so you can find a great apartment quickly and easily, and you don’t waste time visiting places that are not right for you. Our portfolio is up-to-date and complete with videos and photos to give you as much of an insight as possible before going to visit the flat.

2) Offering the biggest choice possible

Our portfolio with over 1000 flats is the broadest in Sao Paulo, giving you the best variety of flats and apartments so that you can find your perfect place.

3) Giving you the best quality service

We provide multilingual listings, multilingual staff, support throughout the contracting process and during your whole stay.


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