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Procedure for renting with us

The rental process for renting a flat is much quicker and easier than renting a residential apartment. You do not need a guarantor or bank insurance, and almost the whole process can be carried out online. It can also be organised in person in our office if you prefer.

1) Choose your flat and rental period

Search for a flat on our website and decide the dates of your rental period. Click here to find apartments currently available to move in today, or request the tenant details form here or via email.


2) Fill in the tenant details form

If the contract is in your own name, have your passport or ID scanned and ready to upload. Brazilian nationals will be asked for your CPF number. If the contract is in your company’s name, you will need your company’s legal representative’s documents and the articles of incorporation.


3) We send you our contract

This needs to be printed, signed, and sent back to us. At this point, you will also need to make the following payments: rent, entrance fee and security deposit.

The rent and entrance fee can be paid by credit card, cash, local bank transfer or international bank transfer. Security deposit conditions vary depending on the landlord. If you have a Brazilian CPF and your name is not on the Serasa system, most landlords accept R$500 security deposit and a signed promissory note.

A promissory note is a document that landlords can use to register your debt in the case of breaking the contract, for example, causing damage or leaving the apartment before the contracted period expires. The amount is normally the price of approximately 3 months’ rent.

If the landlord does not accept a promissory note, or if you would prefer not to sign one, you can pay a security deposit, which is normally the price of one month’s rent.

Please plan ahead to have the funds available once you are ready to confirm your flat.

As soon as you make the payment, we contact the landlord to finalize the process. Landlords normally give us an answer on the same day. The apartment is confirmed for you as soon as we have received the payment, get final confirmation from the landlord and issue the entrance authorization.

Please ensure that you act quickly. As soon as you have decided on a flat, we recommend that you complete the process as quickly as possible in case the flat is taken by another customer. Your apartment is only secured when the payments have arrived and the entrance authorization is issued.


4) Check-in

We will email you a link to your entrance authorization. Print it, and show it to the reception in your flat building to get the key.


5) Inventory check

Our staff always check the apartment before you move in. However, it is the tenant’s responsibility to check that there are no discrepancies between the apartment and the inventory list and to notify us of any problems within 24 hours.

This is the general procedure that applies to most of our flats. Some landlords may request additional steps.

If you have any other questions, please watch the informative video, check WikiFlat or contact us.


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