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Once we have confirmed that your chosen apartment is available, the next step is to pay the first month’s rent and the security deposit, either directly in cash or by one of our other payment options below. Once this payment comes through, the apartment is confirmed for you if it is still available. If it is not available, you can choose either to have your rent refunded, or alternatively, held on account for your next-choice property.

Payments are accepted in the following currencies:


Entrance fee


Security deposit









The following payment methods are available (charges vary):


Entrance fee


Security deposit





Credit card


Bank transfer

In theory, we can receive rent payment and security deposits via PayPal, however, we do not recommend this, as the fees of up to 7% are much higher than any other payment method.  

Because we use third parties for transfers, please note that fees apply. The only payments not subject to fees are local Brazilian bank transfers and cash.

We provide multiple payment options. The actual payment details can be found here

Bank transfers

From a Brazilian bank account

If you are making a bank transfer from inside Brazil, you can transfer the money to our Brazilian bank account (Bradesco), details of which can be provided upon request.

Please never send international transfers to our Brazilian account because of extremely high fees. Any costs incurred by making an international bank transfer to our Brazilian account must be borne by the customer.

From an international bank account

If you are making a bank transfer from outside of Brazil, we can offer you the use of our international transfer facilities, which avoid the high fees that a normal transfer incurs. This is via a third party FSA regulated exchange firm based in London, England.

Transfers should be made in GBP in order to ensure transparency of fees. Your bank is likely to have a better exchange rate than ours, resulting in savings on your end.

If you wish to use our facilities to make an international bank transfer, please contact us. We will respond with bank details and we will calculate the payment amount.  

Please be aware that in the case of any transfer costs, the customer is responsible for any fees and charges. This is a condition of your use of our transfer facilities, and you are required to confirm that you accept these terms and conditions before we begin the transfer process for you.

In our experience, the most convenient, most reliable and cheapest payment methods are cash, transfer from a Brazilian bank account or international transfer through our system. In the case of using our international transfer facilities, always let us know a minimum of 2 days in advance that you want to make that transfer. We need to receive the transfer into our account a minimum of 2 days before the rent due date in order to allow us time to transfer the funds to the landlord.

Please do not risk making an international transfer outside of using our facilities.

Even if you may have been successful in the past in making a quick direct transfer from your foreign bank account to a Brazilian bank account, please be aware that the banking system in Brazil is unsystematic and unpredictable. One transfer can be swift and straightforward, while the next transfer can be delayed by weeks or months. This is why we do not accept transfers from international bank accounts into our Brazilian bank account. For this reason, we advise that you either pay in cash, by local transfer or if you must make an international transfer, to use our payment system. This offers you a much higher probability of being able to rent your chosen property. Delays resulting from problematic international transfers can lead to another tenant confirming the contract before you.

From global or Asian bank account

For customers based in Asia or for those who prefer to transfer to a Hong Kong account rather than to a UK bank, you can also send transfers to our Hong Kong bank account. Contact us for further details.

While different payment gateways have different costs, our advice to you for the initial payment is please ensure you use whatever payment process is quickest. Many customers lose out on their ideal property because it takes too long to receive the money. 


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