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Your rental checklist

During your search

✓ Decide your budget

✓ Decide your date of moving-in

✓ Register with our site

✓ Scan your ID: CPF and RG if you are Brazilian, or passport if not

✓ Make enough funds for your rent, entrance fee and deposit available in a local account

Plan ahead to make funds available, as many banks and cards have daily withdrawal limits and international bank transfers can be time-consuming.


Rental procedure

Watch our video on the rental procedure here.


After you move

✓ Make sure the furniture and appliances in your apartment match your inventory list

✓ Check which facilities are included and which are charged: e.g. laundry is generally billed

✓ Always pay your rent on time: this is absolutely inflexible, unlike some long-term rentals

An international bank transfer normally takes 3-5 days to come through, so if you make a standing order, allow time for this.


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