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How does the rental market work in Sao Paulo?

The rental market works slightly differently in Sao Paulo from other cities around the world. Many tenants who would rent a residential apartment on a 1-year contract without a problem in another country encounter unexpected roadblocks in Sao Paulo, such as high security deposits, 3-year minimum contracts, scarcity of furnished apartments available, the necessity of a guarantor or bank insurance, and complicated paperwork.

As the process for renting a short-term flat is quick and straightforward, and because flats come fully furnished, renting a short-term flat or apartment is the ideal solution for many tenants. For anyone needing to move in at short notice, or for anyone planning to stay for less than 3 years, flats are in most cases a cheaper and much more convenient alternative to contracting an unfurnished residential apartment, as they come furnished and the contracting process is quick and straightforward.

Flats are furnished serviced apartments normally located inside hotels, aparthotels or apartment buildings, often with access to facilities such as a swimming pool or a gym. The rental process is quick and straightforward and contracts are normally for 1-11 months.

One advantage to the short-term rental market is that if you move quickly, you can go from searching for your flat to collecting the keys in the space of only a couple of days. The consequence of this is that everyone else is moving quickly too!

Once you have found your flat, move quickly before someone finds it first!   

As Sao Paulo is the business hub of the largest economy in South America, the demand for short-term furnished accommodation is huge. Once a good-quality apartment in a nice area becomes available online, it often takes only one day for the next tenant to snap it up.  

As soon as you decide to rent a flat, you should immediately organise to make funds available, as your flat is not reserved for you until the payment has come through.

The procedure for renting a flat is straightforward. The flats listed on our website are available today and the rent displayed is the total final rent including condominium and property tax. Unlike in other countries, the rent price is generally not up for negotiation. The only case in which rent can be negotiable is if your rental period far exceeds the minimum rental period. As you always deal with us as the intermediary, we can respond to your calls and emails quickly and professionally and organise your contract without a delay, so that you can move in as soon as possible.

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