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What are the charges when renting an apartment in Sao Paulo?

If you are planning to rent a flat in Sao Paulo, you may wish to learn more about average costs of rent and utilities. Rental costs in Sao Paulo can include rent, taxes, condominium, utilities, internet and phone bills.


The cheapest studio flats available on our website start from R$1500 and reasonably-located medium-range apartments in are readily available from R$2000-3000. Between R$3000 and R$4000, the apartments are in popular districts and the apartments are of high quality. More spacious high-standard apartments are available in desirable areas from R$400 - R$5000 and flats over $5000 are considered luxury. Upwards from that, apartments are either especially large, multi-roomed or super-luxury.

The rents listed on our website are for rental of the whole flat and the prices on our website are not per person, so sharing can be an economical option. Two-bedroomed apartments start at a minimum of R$4000.

IPTU (Urban property tax)   

The average IPTU is around R$90 per month, but can range from R$40 per month to over R$400 per month. This is included in the rent for all flats on

Read more about IPTU tax.


‘Condominio’ is the mandatory building maintenance fee, which is included in the rent on SaoPauloFlat. The average condominium charge ranges from a few hundred reais to several thousand.

Read more about condominium.


Electricity can be as low as R$25 per month for one person, but an average would be R$30- R$40. High energy use, for example round-the-clock intensive use of air conditioning, heating or highly energy-consuming electronic devices can be up to R$200 per month.

Water and gas                

In 99% of cases, our flats include water bills in the rent, but in the exceptional cases that they do not, water generally costs around $35 per month. This price is increased each year in Sao Paulo. Gas is normally included in the condominium, and an average monthly bill comes to around $50. If the gas is included in the condominium, the tenant is not responsible for the gas bill. Gas can be expensive in apartments where water heating is based on gas.


Laundry services are charged separately in all flats. Laundry services by kilo are generally affordable, but some laundry services are charged by item, which can be a comparable cost to dry cleaning. In most apartments, the cost of laundering towels and bedsheets is carried by the tenant.


Depending on the flat, an internet connection may be available. In some flat buildings, an internet connection is included in the condominium, in which case there is no payment necessary. If it is available but not included in the condominium, it averages around R$100 per month.


Some flats have a phone connection set up, and if this is the case, it will be indicated in the listing. Where a phone is available, the phone is always billed separately according to usage.


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