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Condominio Igloo - U923


Condominio Igloo - U923

2,900 R$ min. 1 month

Condominio Igloo

Condonimio Igloo is an ultra-modern, newly built flat in Alphaville to the west of São Paulo. The flat available for rent in Alphaville offers a single-lane garden swimming pool, gym, staffed reception and laundry. A recent construction, the building is designed to modern specifications, with maximum efficiency, sustainable energy use and up-to-the-minute technology.

The individual serviced apartments range from 42 to 62 m² and Internet is available on request. The building is located adjacent to parks and green spaces, providing ample opportunities for fitness and leisure. Alphaville Barueri was the first urban centre to be designed by Alphaville, which then went on become a national phenomenon. Alphaville Barueri, now the biggest of its network of developments, exemplifies Alphaville’s award-winning success story for planned urban communities. Functioning as a self-contained city in its own right, it has direct access to São Paulo city centre and the rest of the greater São Paulo area via the Rodovia Castelo Branco. Residents’ parking is included in the flat rental. Public transport connections are also available.

1 Bathrooms 1 Bedrooms Size: 43m2

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