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The Centro area of Sao Paulo, despite some issues with urban degeneration and lack of major investment, is in practise the most important functional centre of the city in terms of commerce and tourism. Significant government investment into cultural centres including the Pinacoteca, Museu da Lingua Portuguesa and refurbishment of historic architecture including the Sao Paulo Metropolitan Cathedral, Estacao Luz and Estacao Julio Prestes have begun a process of regeneration and cultural revitalisation of the Zona Central. Recently it is becoming a hub of creativity and alternative nightlife, with young bohemians and activists invading buildings to run art collectives and raves, including street parties, the popular nightclub Trackers and alternative theatre and art gallery Estudio Lamina.  

However, in many parts of the Centro area, those unfamiliar with the city are recommended to take care. While the flats for rent on are located on safer streets and have security staff, caution should be taken when walking through unfamiliar parts of the city centre. Extra care is advised in the area between Estacao Luz and Rua Vinte e Cinco de Marco as there is a major population of homeless people living in this area. 


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