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Alphaville is an exclusive gated community located outside Sao Paulo to the west. Inhabited primarily by the city’s elite, its streets are safe and clean, making flats in Alphaville particularly suitable for families with young children. Its location over 20km outside the city makes it unsuitable for regular commuting on public transport. However, the journey time to the city centre by car is relatively quick due to the motorway Castelo Branco.

Functioning as a self-contained town in its own right, all necessary amenities are located locally. Although buying property is expensive in Alphaville, some excellent-value flats are available there, including the ultra-modern Igloo Alphaville and Edificio Quality Suites Alphaville. Alphaville Sao Paulo is now the biggest town among Alphaville’s award-winning portfolio of planned urban communities. The area’s growing popularity attests to the advantages of a flat in this quiet suburb.


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